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Reducing UI during bidding by simulating screen or stop card

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Posted 2006-March-03, 10:15

Sigi_BC84, on Mar 2 2006, 12:37 PM, said:

b. Partner's bid gives you problems AND RHO, too. In this case, RHO will take her time, then you get to see two calls and take your time. This will take longer than in the older scheme because at the moment you can start thinking as soon as you see partner's call (but you also get the UI that it gives RHO big trouble...).

RHO's trouble is AI, not UI. The Laws say that you use this information at your own risk, although he's not allowed to intentionally change his tempo to try to mislead you -- he mustn't pretend to have trouble when he doesn't (except for the mandatory STOP rule).

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  Posted 2006-March-05, 04:09

Hi all,

I like that idea very much. i am not member of the staff but there should be a lot of players who are new to BBO because the msn-service and also ok-bridge seems to have less and less people. Of course, because BBO offers so much improvements in short time.

On the other hand more and more people leave after one board or even one bid. At the moment i am not playing at tables where i dont know someone. Therefore i dont mind using a little more time for a board. I anyway always ask people to leave who say "faster, faster" because bridge is a mental excercise, not gambling (not with me of course because of my bad play, lol).

So i dont think time is a problem for serious players-


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Posted 2006-March-05, 13:15

Maybe it would be nice to have some indicator in your profile that would indicate whether you are currently in a "serious" mode or "just having fun" mode.

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Posted 2006-March-06, 08:00


I found the ideas above interesting , but would suggest that any such enhancements be made a configurable table set-up option. It seems to me that many BBO players have little experience of 'serious' or tournament-style practises.. for example .. i have several times been asked 'what was i thinking about' when i am simply trying to maintain a 'tempo' in the auction. (Suggesting to me that many players think it acceptable to pass quickly or not depending on how close you are to a bid! :ph34r: )

Rgds Dog

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Posted 2006-March-06, 21:06

dogsbreath, on Mar 6 2006, 03:00 PM, said:

I found the ideas above interesting , but would suggest that any such enhancements be made a configurable table set-up option. It seems to me

That goes without saying (as for any advanced feature).

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Posted 2021-July-29, 22:35

Why not make it a tourney option that TDs can turn on or off?
Game calendar: It will show in your local time.
You can add it to your Google Calendar by the link at bottom right.

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Posted 2021-July-30, 08:17

View PostDrTodd13, on 2006-March-01, 20:17, said:

Screens are inferior to what you can do online. Online, the better method is to make LHO and CHO's bids appear simultaneously and RHO's bid appear when it is made. This will slow things down just a wee bit so maybe it is better to only use this in "serious" mode.
Current rules encourage and reward the use of UI. IMO, the WBF should incorporate improvements, like DrTodd13's, into the laws of Bridge, for general use, not just in "serious" bridge, rather than leave such matters to local regulation.

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