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Duplicate Euchre Trying to get a duplicate Euchre tourney started

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Posted 2011-April-25, 13:48

I recently found out that there's a few euchre players at my college, and quite a few that's been learning. There's one or two people that are convinced they are the best in the area, and today I thought of creating a duplicate euchre tournament to prove them wrong (hopefully). There will be an entry fee, and most of the money I plan on donating to a charity, with a little prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (if enough people sign up, maybe 4th and 5th). Boards and cards shouldn't be a problem for me to borrow, however the method of scoring leaves a lot to be desired for true skill to stand out. Also, since hands take less time to play, more hands would need to be played.

I'm thinking that for the declaring side, it should be 1 point for 3 tricks, 2 for 4 tricks, and 3 for all 5 tricks. Going alone, it should again be 1 point for 3 tricks, 2 points for 4 tricks, and 4 points for 5 tricks. Defense would be slightly different as well - 1 point for 3 tricks, 2 points for 4 tricks, and 4 points for 5 tricks. You could even defend alone, the points would be double for the regular defense. The # of boards played I'm thinking should be around 50, but I'm not entirely sure about that. The final thing is whether to use cross-IMP, or MP scoring. MP would be far simpler, but I'm partial to cross-IMP myself since I never see it used.

Any input or comments would be greatly appreciated!
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Posted 2011-April-25, 20:13

I think you'll need to rethink your scoring for the defense. The defense should get at least two points for taking 3 tricks (ie a euchre) otherwise there's not much downside to wildly declaring trump.
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Posted 2022-November-24, 10:31

My relatives are doing a Duplicate Euchre tournament today with 16 participants. 4 N-S teams and 4 E-W teams. We will have 32 boards, meaning 8 boards per table. Since everyone knows the scoring system in Euchre worldwide, we will use the same standard scoring system. Don't make this too complicated! Good thing my relatives (multiple families) have many decks of cards between us. This is going to be a blast. Some people are better at playing Euchre, so I'm going to pair my "know-it-all" brother-in-law with a not so good player to even up the teams.

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