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Finding a team When you only have four

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Posted 2020-June-28, 04:29

I think someone wrote recently about how it was difficult, if you have a team, to find a team to play against. Perhaps there could be some system, like a partnership desk sort of thing. Of course you will not usually find a team immediately, so maybe a team registering at this partnership desk could indicate the time they would like to play. I have noticed that when I or friends have set up a team game and have not done the settings properly, people come to the table without even a partner. I feel bad for them, but if I am going to spend my time playing online I want to have a good game, which I do not expect when my opponents are all strangers.
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Posted 2020-June-28, 12:25

It is an issue that BBO has never effectively addressed even for regular partnerships, let alone teams.

Of course there are challenges. Which opponents are good enough for a decent game? How long are you going to play for? How do you cancel when someone drops out before the start?

Perhaps you could start your own league or ladder?
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