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Weak 6-5

Poll: Weak 6-5 (18 member(s) have cast votes)

Are You Worth Another Bid?

  1. Yes (5 votes [27.78%])

    Percentage of vote: 27.78%

  2. No (13 votes [72.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 72.22%

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Posted 2020-September-20, 11:46

View Postpilowsky, on 2020-September-20, 05:24, said:

Here's how I see it: I think West is the one that was a bit verschmickled.

1NT: 14-18 balanced - this seems to be the modern 1NT opening.
2: Cappelletti and a minor

Double of : transfer to

2: Aha! I've got
3: the suit I'd prefer to since I was a bit light for my 1NT anyway

3: the minor I mentioned earlier.
3: West must have misunderstood what was happening.
5: Oh boy this going to be great.

Pass: I wish West would shut up.

Double: Gotcha

Pass: Hmmm
Pass: WTF
Pass: should I redouble...nah.


1NT - "I have HCPs and a suit, but I don't like them much. Give me some direction partner."

2 - and a minor.

X - transfer to . Alternatively might be, "I have other 2 suits" because West infers that South's minor is . In any case, value showing. In light of West's next bid, probably not a game force (yet).

2 - "I know you don't have partner. I'm hoping that my hand is useful, and this may be the last chance I have to find out."

3 - "I have 5+ ."

3 - "This is my minor." Cooperative. Probably also infers nothing useful in .

3 - 100% forcing to game with good support. stopper, if East wants to play 3NT, but expresses doubt about the red suits. No worry about right siding the contract, since East already bid and 1NT.

5 - "Maybe partner can cross ruff to glory. In any case a good sacrifice."

Pass - Forcing Pass. Partner must X or bid. West has already made a game forcing bid and East does not have a clear action, particularly since West has taken 6 out of the picture by expressing doubt about the red suits.

Pass - "I respect partner's action and have nothing to add."

X - "I don't have a strong enough suit to bid 5 (suppose West had AQJTxx instead), 5NT is too speculative, and I don't have a red suit void to justify a 6 bid."

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Posted 2020-September-20, 12:43

View Postnige1, on 2020-September-18, 17:53, said:

I guess ..
  • West's double = NEG "Values", willing to contest the partscore.
  • North's 2 = NAT Short , 5+ .
  • East's 3 = NAT Probably 6+ s.

Hence, over East's 3, I rank
  • 3 = NAT "Come alive"? or "Death Wish III"? It seems "Into the Valley of Death" is the judgement of BBO experts
  • Pass = NAT but timid: especially as it's common to overcall with 4-5 shapes, on BBO.

FelicityR "Thank you for your replies. I wanted to establish the thinking behind the 3 bid. It turned out well as it resulted in a double game swing and 16 IMPs for her team ... West led the A and 5X made. Now that the hands and bidding have been given, I'm still interested how you view this."

IMO, the auction is reasonable by both sides. South took a risk and got lucky :) It's a bidders' game :)


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