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Removed from board by host?

#21 User is offline   pilowsky 

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Posted 2021-March-28, 13:57

View PostHarriman S, on 2021-March-28, 10:32, said:

Todays boot and chat after:

g*→Bord: Idiot
→g* (Privat): moron
g* (Privat): LOL go learn beginner bridge IDIOT. Nt tells me NO four major BEGINNER
→g* (Privat): that had been reverse and promised more points
g* (Privat): Bye bye BEGINNER IDIOT
→g* (Privat): Lol. Moron.
g* (Privat): Silly little beginner c u nt

Had 12 HP, 4diamonds, 4 spades, 2 hearts.
I opened 1 diam. P bid 2 heart. I bid 2NT. (hard to know if 2 hearts there is weak or strong with an unknown partner, but it was weak.)

Is this behavior ok? New player will be scared away from BBO meeting this kind of rudeness.

I have experienced all of this and worse playing on BBO.
For some reason, people playing "anonymously" on the internet feel completely comfortable acting like 5year-olds.

Personally, I think the use of a person's real name and real country of origin should be a requirement.
I've heard all kinds of specious arguments about why this would be bad.
Including, but not limited to: the player might be really famous, or the player might be a woman.

All of these arguments make no sense at all.
If you are ashamed of who you are, what you say and how you act, then avoid normal society.

Similar stuff is condoned in face-to-face Bridge Clubs where I live.
That's why I will never return.
Who needs to pay to watch people behave badly? If that's what I wanted, I would start watching television again where it's free.

Everyone is sick of it; nothing is ever done about it.
non est deus ex machina; även maskiner behöver lite kärlek, J'ai toujours misé sur l'étrange gentillesse des robots.

#22 User is offline   finesse157 

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Posted 2021-March-31, 12:35

BBO do not do much about booting for many reasons, but I guess the main one would be the time it takes to make a ruling on the infringement.
In most cases there are many factors to consider, and, as you get more advanced, the factors become more nuanced.

Maybe we can keep a record of the most outrageous just for fun. I'll go first.

Contract 3SX'd. Contact makes because host does not cover an obvious honour. I get booted!
1H-3N-6N. Having already played 10 hands with partner. He boots because his 3N range was different to mine!
Advanced P as opener 1N-2D-2N-4H. Opener has singleton H! I took 2H as a super-accept. BOOT!

I do agree with others though. A reason should be supplied.

#23 User is offline   Harriman S 

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Posted 2021-April-02, 13:12

Opponent open with 2D. P bids 2NT (that is like open in 1NT for me). I bid 3cl for stayman. P Pass. BOOT!

#24 User is offline   johnu 

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Posted 2021-April-02, 15:28

View Postbluenikki, on 2021-March-21, 13:45, said:

Do you really think an ace underlead is playing to lose????

Successfully underleading aces in a suit contract is a badge of honor for many of the most blatant cheaters on BBO. Those ace underleads are successful about 98%. Of course, honest players are nowhere near 98% successful.

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