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claiming procedure

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Posted 2021-April-21, 14:56

In BBO games online, one can claim some tricks in order to end faster the game.
The opponents both accept or one ore two opps reject
As TD i had a game where 1 oppwhere 1 opps claimed not to have accepted the claim, and the BBO computer would still have passed the claim as accepted.

my question:
1- the BBO computer waits until both opps have accepted the claim or minus 1 has rejected the claim
2- what if 1 accepts and the other does not click anything - is there a period of time after which something happens automatically

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Posted 2021-April-21, 16:00

Yes, eventually it times out as a rejection (usually when I've just figured out that yes, declarer is giving us our trick). Defenders can claim as well, and when I time out declarer's claim, and it's valid, I do. When I reject declarer's claim because it's clearly wrong, I frequently claim myself as well (they claimed all the tricks, they're losing the high trump, reject and claim 1 trick).
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Posted 2021-April-21, 19:16

It never times out. The claim will stay there indefinitely until both players accept or one player rejects, or declarer cancels the claim, or anybody at the table (including dummy) leaves a seat, which results in an auto-reject.

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Posted 2021-April-22, 09:52

As an extension of this topic, the problem I have with claiming arises when one partner erroneously concedes.
The other partner has NO option to refute the concession other than calling the TD if the opponent accepts the concession.
There needs to be the option that both partners agree to the concession before it is issued!
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Posted 2021-April-27, 17:59

BBO's implementation of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge is flawed, and has been known to be flawed from BBO's beginnings.
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Posted 2021-April-30, 08:59

BBO's claiming procedure is closer to procedure in the Laws of Rubber Bridge, not the Laws of Duplicate Bridge.

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